5 More Ways Terrorists Use Video Games

1 03 2010

According to a recent article, terrorists have been using Playstation controllers to detonate bombs. Or something. I was kind of drunk when I read the article. However, I decided I wouldn’t rest or refill my vodka until I go to the bottom of this. In short order I discovered 5 more ways that video games have influenced terrorism. In no particular order:


Use of Music Accessories as Crude Sound Equipment


If you look closely at this photo of Osama bin Laden, you’ll notice he’s using a Rock Band microphone as a cheap way to connect to the masses.


Ku Klux Klan Plays DJ Hero at Rallys


Even domestically, games aid terrorism. In this case the games are used as intended, providing fun for white supremecists.


UMD Shuriken


Now that the PSP Go has made UMDs obsolete, crafty attackers have converted them into throwing stars.


Tony Hawk Ride Boards as a Bomb Delivery System


Suicide bombers are now using the smooth peripheral to slide down Middle-Eastern sand dunes to attack innocent families.




Attack R.O.B.


‘Nuff said.





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