5 More Console Calendar Failures

2 03 2010

The Playstation 3 community was outraged recently when early PS3s mistakenly considered 2010 to be a leap year, causing a date glitch that erased some users’ trophies and save data. A bit of research reveals that this is hardly an isolated incident. Here are some more calendar failures in video game consoles I’ve uncovered:


  • Pokémon Silver/Gold for Gameboy had a built-in clock, along with new feature in which some Pokémon only appeared during the day or night. Unfortunately, the Japanese developers failed to plan for daylight savings time, so twice a year a glitch would cause the game to be filled with nothing but Mr. Mimes.
  • The Nintendo Gamecube suffered from a glitch in which AM and PM could become suddenly reversed. This once caused my sister Shasta to get a blue shell in Mario Kart Double Dash just before I won the race. Hear that, Shasta? It was a glitch!
  • A failure to correctly program the internal calendar of the Atari 2600 created a virus when the day and date matched (i.e. 1/1, 2/2, etc). This would cause a temporal distortion that would cause four copies of Combat to be added to your game collection. (By 1987 I personally owned twenty-two copies.)
  • The Y2K virus hit all Nintendo 64s at the turn of the millennium, turning all N64 games that didn’t feature Link to be complete crap.
  • The Xbox 360 is based on the Mayan calendar, causing many analysts to believe that the system will malfunction in 2012, causing erasure of achievements, deletion of save files, changing your avatar to look like Conan O’Brien, tsunamis, and the ultimate destruction of the Earth.



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